terms & conditions

It is hereby agreed as follows;


In this agreement, the following expressions and words shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires;


We / Us / Our  shall refer to Knight Travel Ltd


The Hirer  shall refer to the person / organisation / club / company who has hired the vehicle


Driver(s)  shall refer to the driver(s) of the vehicle in question.


Passenger(s)  shall refer to all persons on board the coach who are not the designated driver(s) or personnel provided by us.



Quotations are valid for a period of four weeks only unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing and confirmation of hire requirement must be made in writing by both parties. Unless specified, quotations do not include parking or permit fees. By confirming the hire, the hirer agrees to these terms and conditions. All vehicles, services or facilities are subject to availability at the time of confirmation. Vehicles may be changed in accordance with fleet requirements or replacements.


Cancellation, however caused, will incur fees on the following scale unless otherwise agreed in writing;


More than 60 days before start date of hire – £25.00


From 60 to 31 days before start date of hire – 15% of hire fee


From 30 to 15 days before start date of hire – 50% of hire fee


From 14 to 04 days before start date of hire – 80% of hire fee


If less than 04 days before start date of hire – 100% of hire fee.  The full amount is payable. We reserve the right to cancel the hire without compensation over and above any hire fee if weather or other conditions make it unsafe in our opinion to operate the hire. Third party fees may not be refundable in any circumstances. 



Not all vehicles are wheelchair accessible and we should be notified at the time of hire if this is required. Some wheelchairs and mobility scooters cannot be carried because of their size / weight.


A reasonable amount of luggage or equipment may be carried. Any likely excess should be notified at least 7 days in advance especially for any large or bulky items and they may be refused.


Animals other than recognised assistance animals will not be carried without prior agreement.


The hirer agrees to comply with any Health, Safety and Social Distancing regulations which may be in place at any time. The hirer is responsible for any passenger on board the vehicle and will be responsible for any damage caused by passengers and any excessive cleaning whilst the vehicle is on hire to them.


It is a legal requirement that where seatbelts are fitted, seatbelts are worn at all times when the vehicle is in operation and smoking (which includes e-cigarettes) is not permitted on board at any time. We do not permit alcohol on board. 


The driver will be responsible for route planning, and if requested, in liaison with the person in charge on the day will discuss timings and best routes in order to try and ensure the destination is reached in time. In any event, this must be done in accordance with drivers hours regulations. Any unexpected mileage requested by the hirer may incur additional charge. Neither we nor the driver can be held responsible for any delays caused by matters which are out of our control and no guarantee of arrival time at destination can be made. In the event of breakdown, a substitute vehicle which may be of a different type, will be provided as soon as practically possible. Specialist vehicles may not be replaceable by a similar type.


No vehicle may be used in connection with any political purposes, religious purposes, industrial action, demonstration or parade without prior agreement in writing. The vehicle may not be used for any event which may be deemed to cause public disruption or disturbance. The hirer may be responsible for obtaining the appropriate PRS or other licence if they wish to play video and/or audio material on board.


No vehicle may carry more passengers than the authorised seating capacity. When wheelchair accessible vehicles are requested, then the seating capacity may reduce by four or more seats per single wheelchair.


No advertising, display or other banner may be placed on or in the vehicle without prior agreement. Any such material agreed upon must not cause any damage by fixings and should this occur, then necessary reimbursement for repair must be made. No person or item may obstruct the drivers line of vision at any time. The hirer is reminded that any vandalism and/or damage to the vehicle which is prompted by the nature of the graphics or signs applied to the vehicle must also be paid for. It is up to you, the Hirer to pursue the person who caused the damage for costs.


Lost property found on vehicles will be held for one month and arrangements can be made to collect the item from the vehicle base or returned by post / courier to the owner at the appropriate cost. Any perishable items (foodstuffs etc) will be disposed of as appropriate in regards to health, safety and hygiene.


This agreement and all matters arising out of it shall be construed and governed according to the laws of England and Wales. All parties agree that any dispute(s) they may have will be exclusively dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.


Updated November 2022

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